Truth takes many forms. Our perceptions form a great deal of the truths we accept. One very important lesson I have learned is that our minds perceive more than we know, and can reveal the many forms of truth, if you know where to look.

Dreams are overlooked because they are fleeting or incomprehensible. And that is true, in part. But oftentimes, if you pay close attention, the bits of truth can be teased out of even the most esoteric of dreams.

What makes Verity so powerful is its ability for its wielder to take control of their dreams. A dream is easy to manipulate once you are aware you are dreaming in the first place. And not only that, when you wake, you can recall the dream with clarity, and take the time to analyze the experience, rather than have the details melt away in mere minutes.

Through careful use of this Implement, we have finally seen the true form of a Reacher and learned the secrets of how to fight them. I believe we are still scratching the surface of what this Implement can teach us, if we can figure out the right questions to ask.

Material: Oak Burl

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