The Night Before Rift Breach

‘Twas the night before rift breach, and all through the land

Creatures were stirring, ready to reach out an ethereal hand.


The weary Arcanists were preparing for sleep

Their warding spells cast against the shadows that creep.


But when the light of the fire in their houses grew dim

It foretold of circumstances that could be only grim.


Donning their cloaks and grimoires loaded with spells,

They took hold of their Implements, filing them with ink from their wells.


For this was a night for all to be merry and safe

The valiant Arcanists fought hard with a parry, a dodge and a strafe.


“Now fireball, now shield wall, and plane containment,

On rift stitch, on light surge, and mana sustainment!”


They fought hard to the end, though not their own,

For they were victorious yet weary from heart to bone.


Do not forget the brave ones who protect and fight

So that you may have a tomorrow to return to after the night.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Copyright © Encoded Press