Maps are powerful things. You may laugh, but I posit that knowing where you are, where you need to go, and where something is can give you an incalculable advantage.

This is why Shore is so amazing. It can find things, nearly pinpoint them if you can create the right spell.

When I was assigned Shore, I admit I was dismayed. I, like many others, was hoping to be assigned a battle-class Implement. But this? My imagination couldn’t be bothered to get excited.

But then something happened. I got the idea to try to craft a spell that could seek out Reachers. Now, no one has ever succeeded in this, so I didn’t hold a lot of hope. But after months of trying, I found a spell that works. Well, to be fair, I don’t know if it works yet. After I cast it, I feel a ‘pull’. An unseen force guides me in a direction, and I get a vague sense of where I must go and to where I must travel.

As I get closer to the destination, whether it be 100 miles or 1,000 miles away, a feeling of dread seeps into me. There is a wrongness in the air that becomes so thick, I feel as if it could suffocate me. The first time I experienced this dark sensation, I turned around immediately and returned home.

For reasons unknown, I find myself casting the spell again and again. Each time, I journey. Each time, the darkness is too strong to bear. My body seems to revolt against me, retreating as if instinctually avoiding danger.

But after I return, I cast the spell again.

I must know where Shore is guiding me. It consumes me now. I have filed a formal request to assemble a party of Arcanists to journey with me next time in hopes that together we can march upon the inexplicable darkness that has turned me away at each attempt.

– From the diary of Tore Vasak

Material: Chittum Burl

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