“This isn’t going to hurt, right?”

“It won’t if you stop moving and be quiet.”

“AAHHHH! AAAHHHH! What the hell?! I wasn’t moving.”

“Yeah, I lied. I just wanted you to shut up.”

– Excerpt from Rags to Stitches: Tales of an Arcanist Healer

While not as widely known as the Implements used for combat, there are Implements recorded in the Arcana that possess the ability to heal others. And while magic healing conjures up fantasy books of quick healing and perfect recoveries, that is not the case with healing Implements.

To put something back as it once was hurts much, much more than it did the other way around. If you find yourself in need of an Arcanist Healer, you had better make sure it warrants the excruciating payment that must be proffered.

Material: Maple Burl

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