My name is Wenge, and I am the one who matches Implement to Arcanist. Though there are those who pretend Implements choose their wielders, but that is simply not the truth. Implements are artifacts independent of any terrestrial bond.

That said, there are Arcanists who can absolutely enhance the capabilities of their Implement. I have made it my life’s work to discover these pairings of pen and person.

Pulsar is what we call a ‘Forgotten Implement’. After the great fire at the Archives, many books and histories of Implements were lost forever. There are scores of pens in the Armory whose powers will need to be rediscovered. Pulsar is one of them, and whose proclivities have proved to be most elusive.

Of the known base magic spells, Pulsar does not rank highly in terms of potency. Its offensive capabilities are almost laughable. But this is the way of the rarer Implements. While many can show obvious and straightforward special properties, some are especially enigmatic.

I have taken to using Pulsar myself, so that I may learn enough to find it a suitable wielder. The only hint I have received is at night. I witnessed a star shooting through the moon-lit night, and Pulsar seemed to reverberate. In that moment, I perceived a glimpse of what I believe to be a possible future. I thought it maybe happenstance, but I have since witnessed a handful of cosmic events, and with each one Pulsar has responded, bringing a new image each time.

There is more the heavens above can tell us about this Implement. I will continue to carry it for now and remain content that any piece of information I find should bring me closer to finding someone who can unleash the mysterious power within.

– From the Wenge’s Implement Journal

Material: Maple Burl

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