The preferred Implement of Quistis Locke during her short-lived time as a minister within the Arcana Implementia. Called the “Silent Queen” by her fellow ministers, she rarely held so much as a meeting, preferring to communicate through short scripts. Though these letters contained no discernable spells hidden within the text, many claimed that the letters held some kind of latent energy.

These claims were largely ignored by the Arcana until the apparent suicide of Graty Flood, a minister that was later found to have been selling spells on the black market. When they discovered the body of Graty, slumped at his desk with a bloodied knife still clutched in his right hand, they saw a script from Quistis Locke. The letter read: “I know. Claim your penance.” From that point forward, it was decreed that all internal communications are not allowed to be written using an Implement.

Material:‚Äč Himalayan Golden Teak Burl