Not all dark magic is evil. Man’s innate fear of the night has led many to believe that if something is associated with darkness, that it must somehow carry a sinister purpose.

Take, for example, a lesser known member of the Arcana Implementia, Nox. Nox, replete with a casted phoenix bearer and embedded guardian stone, has been responsible for the binding of over dozen Class-B Overreachers and sealing them within the pen itself.

Perhaps one could argue that with dozens (32 officially recorded) of Overreachers trapped within its chamber, there is an aura of evil about it. One might feel a pang of dread being in the same room with it, or a tightness of breath and a quickening of pulse as they wield it in their hand. But I assure you, the dark magic has little to do with it.

Material: Infused Resin