Minister: “We will destroy it.”

Splat: “Like hell you will.”

Minister: “In light of your…contributions, I will let that comment slide, Mr. Splat. The fact remains that this Implement was not created according to Arcana specifications and must be destroyed.”

Splat: “I fail to see why we suddenly care about ‘specifications’ when it comes to war, Minister.”

Minister: “This Implement uses an unknown infusion and could therefore prove unstable in field use.”

Splat: “This is a joke. I can list a dozen Implements on the spot that have utilized unknown infusions. And you and I both know that ephemeral sources of infusible material can create more potent…”

Minister: “It has been decided. No more arguments for the case will be heard.”

Splat: “You son of a-“

Minister: “Let’s not add contempt to the docket today. You are dismissed, Mr. Splat.”

Partial court transcript regarding the ruled destruction of Machinar, an Implement forged by Dexter Splat. Records recovered after the hearing indicate that both Machinar and Dexter Splat went missing the next day.

Material: Gmelia Burl

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