I have the same dream each night.

I know many are afflicted with dreams and nightmares that will not relent. In trying to make sense of it all, I have come to learn that most recurring dreams are rooted in some source of stress that you have yet to face. Others believe that they could be a premonition of something that has yet to pass. I fear mine may be both.

I can recall the dream vividly. I am walking along the shore of the ocean, and each footstep I take leaves a deep impression in the coarse sand. I turn to look behind me and the footsteps trail so far that I cannot see them all – as if I’ve been on this path for a very, very long time.

The waves begin coming in farther and begin to fill in the footfalls I have left behind. In the dream, I am relieved. But the relief fades into an unsettling awe of the ocean that opens before me. A massive wave towers in the distance and hurtles towards the shore on which I stand. The roar of rushing water drowns out all other sounds and before it crashes into me, I wake up.

The more I use my Implement, the more I am desperate to know more about it. The Archives are not sufficient, and I feel those in power know more than they are letting on.

I cannot shake the feeling that my dreams stem from my desire for answers. And I cannot help but feel that the knowledge I seek is essential to our survival.

– Excerpt from the diary of Alesandra Lessant, Master Arcanist

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