“I’ve grown very attached to this pen. Sorry, ‘Implement’. It has a unique weight to it. When I first pick it up, it feels like a normal pen at first, but then I feel a comforting pull, like an invisible magnet pressing it gently into my hand.

I know it is just a trick of the mind. But I tell you, whenever I am writing a spell, the feeling becomes even more substantial. Like the Implement is somehow pulling itself closer to me.

My connection with it has also become more meaningful to me. Is it purely because it represents an instrument of power? Or that I am hopeless to defeat the darkness that encroaches without it? Again, I feel that is the most logical explanation. But I can’t help almost personifying it. I mean, we give them names, right?

I’m convinced there is something we are overlooking about these. Something important.”

– Unattributed note (Remnant from Archive fire)

Material: Philippine Ebony Burl

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