Design-an-Implement Giveaway Results

The results are in on our first “Design-an-Implement” giveaway! The winner is Amanda L. – Congratulations, Amanda!

Without further ado, here are the survey results:

As you can see, the name “Sparterra” had a comfortable lead. The funny thing is that was the placeholder name I had for it already. I guess it stuck!

Now on the Implement’s capabilities, well, we have a completely EVEN split on its type. I decided to let Amanda be the tie-breaker here, so this Implement will be a Support/Healing type Implement.

Lastly, whether or not this Implement will be good or evil? Well, looks like our Arcanists are firmly on the side of good here, blowing evil right out of the water here (boooooring!). And a +1 to anyone who got my Spaceballs reference.

Now, I got some really AMAZING extra feedback and stories from people that wanted to go way above and beyond. I had so much fun reading everyone’s suggestions. They were so cool that I have to share them below!



Fan Story Submission #1

Snow crunches and groans, giving way under the sole of her boots as she steps through the embankment that should have felt familiar. Powdered ice crystals, cold and sharp, crawl up and settle just below her knees. The additional foot and a half of snow makes her homesick from the flashes of memories it brings up from childhood; so foreign in a land normally blistering with hot sand and sun, excruciating when out during the height of the afternoon. Confused, but exhilarated at the prospect of a new mystery, she heads to the top of the hill, her breath coming out in clouded gasps, freezing in the normally blistering air. She raises her eyes up to the heavens, calling on her ancestors and believing they will answer back. What is this? Above her the Lights dance peacefully in the sky. A normal sight from her original home. So out of place in this one. It covers the sky like a vibrant blanket in a vast array of blues, golds, whites and blacks; all swirling together. They grow fierce as they meld, the sound of bells ringing out as they touch and experience one another, contrasting and growing until they violently clash. She falls backwards as they reach… REACH for her! The night sky SLAMS into the ground before her, the very stars seeming to touch the earth before her and pounding through the snow; churning up chunks of ice and sand, turning black and blue and gold. Shocked, she puts one arms back to catch herself from tumbling away from the impact. “Mierka… is that you?” she breathes. “I have come back to claim that which is mine. Take this and I will return.” the darkness whispers back. “Oh no….” she breathes again, and reaches out. An implement… to raise the dead. We will see.

Fan Story Submission #2

Cele’nim Holding her feels like a thousand suns bleeding into your veins, merging you blood with the very fabric of an infinitely igniting star. The metal to ensnare such an inferno could have only been created in one place; in the depths of an ancient forge I’ve only heard whispered about in secret, by a legendary blacksmith with no name known to this world. The radiation from such an Implement is a volatile force seen as a malignant power by the Arcana. Still, her strength is so boundless, and her molten power so infectious, it’s impossible for her wielder to put her down. Such is my fate, a beacon of chaotic light. Sometimes I wonder if the heat will eventually consume me, submerging my very being into that undying energy I’ve become so familiar with. I suppose by the end that sea of flames would be a welcome friend, a home of warmth and passion. I find myself looking up to the endless depths of the sky wondering what patch of empty darkness used to shine brightly with her fire, like a lantern to the unending nights.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! I am off to write the story based on everyone’s contributions and will post it soon!


Thank You, Arcanists

Implement Name: Sparterra

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